Telford Park win opener against Woodfield Grove

The Telford Park team relax at Woodfield Grove following their 7-2 in

The Telford Park team relax at Woodfield Grove following their 7-2 in

WGTC’s Report v Telford Park

The Millennium Cup is under way again, with Woodfield Grove hosting it’s first tie having been moved from 12 April to 19 April and an early start ahead of the Open Day.

Against Telford Park at home, though, the team battled hard but eventually succumbed 2-7 despite some close rubbers.

Conceding the Girls U16s match only served to exacerbate the negative scoreline.

Ben Thompson and James Ramkoleea scored WGTC’s two wins, the former defeating Telford’s Scott Gordon, 6-1 6-0, in the Boys U16s; and the latter fighting through three tough sets to overcome Tim Loughead, 6-1 5-7 6-3, in the Men’s Open Singles.

While the other rubbers were closely fought, they all went to Telford in straight sets.

Thanks go to Aiden Doyle, Candice Kyle, Carole Britton, David Snook, Dougie Kerr, Esme Kyle, Jo Kiernander and Maggie Hodges for turning out alongside Ben and James; and, of course, to Alex Kyle for all the home tie arrangements!


Telford Park d Woodfield Grove 7-2

(Host WGTC’s names first)

Women’s Singles: Esme Kyle lost to Sally Binny 6-1 6-2: Men’s Singles: James Ramkoleea beat Tim Loughead 6-1 5-7 6-3; Women’s Over 45 Singles: Maggie Hodges lost to Sarah Mawby 6-1 6-1; Men’s Over 40 Singles: David Snook lost to Keith Lavender 6-2 6-2; Girls Under 16 Singles: Walkover to TP; Boys Under 16 Singles: Ben Thompson beat Scott Gordon 6-1 6-0; Women’s Doubles: Candice Kyle and Jo Kiernander lost to Juliet Griffiths and Rebecca Ruff 6-0 6-1; Men’s Doubles: Aiden Doyle and Joe Thompson lost to Steve Graham and Mark Rothwell 6-1 6-3; Mixed Doubles: Carole Britten and Douglas Kerr lost to Mark Franke and Caroline de Saint Quentin 6-4 6-0.