Wigmore win opener against Telford Park


6 April 2014

The 2014 Millennium Cup opened with emphatic 7-2 win by Wigmore over Telford Park at home.

Five time winners, Telford Park, found themselves at the wrong end of the scoreline, although Kayla Turner, the Under 16s Girl, scored a convincing win over Sharleen Hussey and the men’s doubles pair of Bong Wong & Peter Gaspar defeated Matt Gordon & Terry McGranaghan in straight sets.

Telford were unlucky not to gain a third point when stalwart Keith Lavender lost the champions tiebreak to Luca Dogliotti after a long battle.

Wigmore’s Clare Saunders was stretched in her opening singles set but won comfortably enough and their ladies doubles combination of Sue Jeffries & Sharon Gambs had a match on their hands.


Women’s Singles: Clare Saunders d Ellen Hoyle 7-5 6-1; Men’s Singles: Keem Chung d Simon Gaysford 6-3 6-0; Women’s Over 45 Singles: Gill Mezey d Hilary Lyle 6-3 6-0; Men’s Over 40 Singles: Luca Dogliotti d Keith Lavender 6-3 7-6 [10-6]; Girls Under 16 Singles: Sharleen Hussey lost to Kayla Turner 6-1  6-2; Boys Under 16 Singles: Max Hamill D George Hastings 6-1 6-0; Women’s Doubles: Sue Jeffries & Sharon Goulds d Sally Binny & Henny Saunders 6-4 7-6; Men’s Doubles: Keem Chung & Yuri Meneghelli lost to Bong Wong & Peter Gaspar 6-3 6-7 [10-3]; Mixed Doubles: Anne Brucuich & Peter Keeling D Loraine Periera & Kevin Hobson 7-5 3-6 [10-8].

In all, took 13 sets and 86 games, while Telford Park could only win 4 four sets out of 57 games.

It was closer than it first appears.