Norbury Park snatch 5-4 win over Woodfield Grove to make the Final

Completing the postponed tie due to inclement weather:


Tranquil Woodfield Grove

The final act in this year’s protracted Millennium Cup Round-robin stage took place in front of a healthy and appreciative crowd at Woodfield Grove hosting Norbury Park on Sunday 24 July; the tranquil ambience only pierced on occasion by the sinister, and vaguely Orwellian shriek of the Entry Buzzer!

The original fixture was so blighted by poor weather that only two rubbers were concluded….one a walk-over, and the other an early retirement; in short, not much to write creatively home about.

So, with one point apiece in the bag, hostilities resumed with three singles rubbers on view.

The ever improving Anna Thompson, who seems to have been playing Millennium Cup for Woodfield since she could walk, was made to work hard for her win by Norbury’s Thelma Ziervogel in a high quality Ladies Open match whilst, in the Men’s equivalent, Charles Van Caloen’s entertaining, gung-ho approach never quite threatened to overcome Norbury’s more circumspect Kelvin Douglas.

Then Woodfield’s captain David Snook took a little time out from washing salad, baking quiches, illegibly filling in Match Cards etc. to triumph over Blaise Westmaas in the Men’s Vets.  Blaise effected an oblique revenge of sorts by being the one to fathom out the workings of the Barbecue!

Sun cream for all

By mid-day the Doubles were all underway and the sun at its zenith.

Now, allow me to digress for a moment if I may.

Can anyone explain to me why people tend to treat somebody else’s Suncream as if it were public property? Oh, you should have seen them all – passing my bottle around like a spliff at a hippy commune. I mean, you wouldn’t delve into someone’s fag packet, uninvited, and fish out a couple of Rothmans would you? I ask you!

Anyway, back to the tennis and the Mixed was something of a family affair with Woodfield Grove father and daughter Alex & Candice Kyle just giving best to Norbury newlyweds David & Colleen Dodds.

The vast improvement in Colleen’s service led some of us to suspect that the entire honeymoon was spent on court… and they say romance is dead!

On a fashion note, Alex looked resplendent in luminous green – what an extrovert[e]  😉

The Ladies Doubles saw Norbury’s relatively experienced pairing of Carole Watson & Charmaine Boyd play solid tennis, especially from mid court, to edge out the hosts’ youthful team – baseline bomber Scarlett Bishai and Verena Moench.

A special word of praise for Verena who only picked up a racket two months ago (and that was to swat a bluebottle) but held up very well throughout. We look forward to seeing her improve further.

Down to the line

And so, Woodfield needed to win the last two matches on court to take the tie overall.

The gracious Jess Smith prevailed over Norbury’s Monica Wiszowaty in a very well matched Girls encounter, but only after the visitors had claimed the day with a three set win in the Men’s Doubles.

A light-hearted moment here as Peter Risdon, the Millennium Cup Referee no less, failed to stipulate beforehand whether a full third set should be played or a Championship Tie-Breaker.

A good natured compromise was reached via coin toss and Tom Brown & Terry McGranaghan took the deciding stanza 6-3.

The 5-4 win over Woodfield provided the essential points to take Norbury to 22 and equalling Grafton’s tally in the league for 2016.

It means that the two clubs will face off in the Final in September, with Grafton hosting Norbury Park on the weekend of 17/18 on a date to be confirmed.

A big thank you to David and Peter for their hospitality, especially as both also played, and their flexibility over one or two timings requests .

Norbury looks forward to reciprocating in kind next summer.

Report by Nigel Flay, Norbury Park Captain


Norbury Park d Woodfield Grove 5-4

[Woodfield Grove names first]

Women’s Singles: Anna Thompson d Thelma Ziervogel 6-3 6-2; Men’s Singles: Charles Vancaloen lost to Kelvin Douglas 6-0 6-0; Women’s Over 40 Singles: Walkover to Charmaine Boyd [NP] on 12/6/16; Men’s Over 45 Singles: David Snook d Blaise Westmaas 6-4 6-2; Girls Under 16 Singles: Jess Smith d Monica Wiszowaty 6-3 6-4; Boys Under 16 Singles: Alec Kenningham d Mark Lovejoy 5-1 Retired 12/6/16; Women’s Doubles: Verena Moench & Scarlett Bishai lost to Charmaine Boyd & Carole Watson 6-2 6-1; Men’s Doubles: Peter Risdon & David Murray lost to Tom Brown & Terry McGranaghan  5-7 6-1 6-3; Mixed Doubles : Alex Kyle & Candice Kyle lost to David Dodds & Colleen Dodds 6-3 6-2.