Grafton’s website report against Wigmore

So nearly an away win against the odds…

4 May 2014

After being let down by Murray, Nadal & Federer, and after a bout of man-flu and food poisoning there was more chopping and changing of a squad than we could keep up with.

Ever eager to make Captain Murray proud, the Grafton squad rose to the challenge and put in a tremendous effort on a sunny day in Streatham despite starting 0-1 down.

Ivan put in a solid performance in the boy’s singles beating his opponent 6-1 6-0 making it 1-1.

Julie’s opponent was like a brick wall with an aim and despite a good defence by Jules we went down 2-1.

Paul Flatters took only one game off a tough opponent, the only upside being it allowed him to conserve energy for a substitute appearance in the men’s doubles later in the day.

Rachel & Monica would have made Coach Steve proud with some serious doubles tactics and a solid win 6-1 6-3.

Paul, the spin-doctor, Heenan said he didn’t want to talk about what happened but we will say he did us proud wearing the Grafton team kit.

Anna battled with the May heat and roasted her Wigmore opposition 6-0 6-2 making it 4-3 to Wigmore meaning we needed to win the last 2 matches to win.

Rachel played again in the mixed with Mark who put in Herculean efforts running and jumping around to court.

After losing the first set, and losing a couple of set points we took them to a tie-break only to lose 7-2 meaning, unbeknown to them, Paul & Eddie were just playing for the glory. But they did get the better of tough opponents for a gruelling 7-5 3-6 6-3 victory.

That left Grafton just the wrong side of a 5-4 result (though we did win four of the eight matches played).

Reported by Rachel Codd
Full match still results to follow…