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The Millennium Cup – friendly local play

Welcome to the Millennium Cup website where you can find out everything about the competition.

Involving the five tennis clubs of Streatham, the Millennium Cup provides friendly competition across all age groups over the summer.

It helps to introduce players who may not ordinarily play competition to match play by providing a level playing-field in that more experienced club players competing at Tennis Surrey League level are excluded.

A very special trophy

It is all about trying to win this lovely trophy.

This was donated in 2001 by the three inaugural clubs, Telford Park, Wigmore and Woodfield Grove, and is a beautiful crystal vase centre piece measuring 215mm in height and 145mm in diameter set on a wooden base with a silver sleeve.

It has been won five times by Telford Park, four times by Wigmore, while Grafton won it in 2017 for the fourth time and Norbury Park twice.

In 2013, Woodfield Grove‘s name was finally and proudly added to the honour list of champion clubs engraved on the sleeve.

The 18th edition of the Competition

2018 sees the 18th edition of the Millennium Cup and it is as eagerly and enthusiatically contested now as when it was first inaugurated at the turn of the century.

Many of those who have taken the plunge into match play in the Millennium Cup have gone on to represent their clubs in the Surrey Leagues so the competition has proven to be a great grass roots development event for all.

It is also great fun because it is friendly and everyone is sociable, both on and off the court!

To learn more about this year’s competition, click HERE.

Watchers of a Millennium Cup tie at Grafton LTC

Important Information

You can find the history of the Millennium Cup HERE, with all the results of past glories, while you can also download the Rules of the Competition and take a look at the photo Gallery.

To learn more about the clubs participating in the Millennium Cup click HERE.